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Rules for Participation in the Diversity in Blockchain Forum

This is a public Forum of registered participants that is intended to provide a safe environment for open discussions around diversity and inclusion in blockchain. We ask all participants to adhere to the following rules:

Use appropriate language.
Individuals that post messages, material or links which are defamatory, obscene, abusive or threatening will be blocked from further participation in the forum.

False or anonymous addresses or IDs cannot be used to post.
We respect your right to privacy, however, to post in the forum, you will need to use your proper id. If you would prefer to address an issue anonymously, you can submit a post to the moderator at

No personal attacks.
It is ok to say "the handbook on conference panel diversity has errors." Hopefully, the comment will include a means to correct the errors. But saying "the handbook on conference panel diversity idea is useless," is less than constructive. Sometimes there is a fine line, but be respectful and constructive. Anything less is counterproductive.

No commercial posts.
Postings for events and resources specific to the mission of advancing diversity and inclusion are the exception, but must be approved in advance by the moderator.

Proceed cautiously with political discussions.
Policy discussions that are directly related to pay equality or professional diversity and inclusion may be allowed, but will be monitored closely to assure they remain productive.

Do not post the same topic more than once.
Please find the best forum for your topic and post it there only, so all discussion of that topic is kept in a single place.

A variety of staff and members will act as moderators for the forums. If they find a questionable post, they will unpublish or block it (where applicable) and contact the author to discuss its appropriateness and make whatever changes are needed to adhere to these rules. The moderators reserve the right to reject a post completely, however, we plan to take a common sense approach to moderation and will make every attempt to satisfy both sides in such a discussion topic.

To report inappropriate content e-mail